Magnetic Bungy Tether with Gripper End - Black

Magnetic Bungy Tether with Gripper End - Black

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Coiled Security Tether with Magnetic Gripping End

This secure tether is specially designed and made to prevent  theft or loss. It includes an adhesive pad that securely fastens to your bench or surface. The adhesive can be removed without causing damage.

The Magnetic Hangrite Adhesives with Gripping Ends allow customers to interact with display merchandise while keeping it safe from shoplifting. This helps to maintain a display which is visually pleasing while being interactive and thereby maximizing sales opportunities.


  • Magnetic Bungy Tether 
  • Slim Includes: Adhesive Gripper Pad
  • Stock colour: black
  • Product size: 42 x 20 x 20mm.
  • Spring cable length: 1.5m.