Outdoor DeLuxe Half Dome Mirror

Outdoor DeLuxe Half Dome Mirror

Product SKU: 18535HO

The Outdoor DeLuxe Half Dome Mirror is designed for driveway safety when a driver needs to see both left and right before exiting a building to avoid collisions. The lightweight vinyl back and lid is sealed to enclose the cavity and to withstand weather. Ideal for busy forklift loading areas, warehouses, factories and industrial buildings. Also an easy way to observe children around schools or childcare centres for outdoor play areas. Complete with adjustable outdoor J-Bracket, this new innovation is one of the most effective ways to improve two-way visibility.


  • Outdoor Two-Way observation
  • Industrial Safety
  • Driveways and Carparks
  • Pedestrian Crossings and Sidewalks

Suitable Uses

  • 2mm acrylic mirror face
  • Pure reflective coating
  • Vinyl celuka back and lid
  • Outdoor weather resistant
  • 180 degree viewing area
  • Includes Outdoor J-Bracket to fix to wall
  • Mounting screws Not included.
  • Pole mounting kit available