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Ensure your facility's safety with the Smart IP Button (IPBTN) from Advanced Network Devices. This PoE-enabled button connects directly to your network, enabling instant lockdowns, triggering alerts, and activating devices like strobes or electronic locks. With dual command capabilities, it supports two programmable modes and integrates effortlessly with VoIP phone systems and third-party software, including the included ClockWise Campus software. Ideal for discreet installation, the LED indicator confirms successful alert delivery. Enhance your security system with this versatile, easy-to-install solution.

Key Features:

  • Instant lockdown and alert triggers
  • Dual command modes (push/release, push/hold)
  • SIP integration for pre-recorded messages
  • Compatible with VoIP and third-party software
  • Discreet mounting options
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Regular price $812.37
Regular price Sale price $812.37

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