SOLO-TWO Sliding Door Lock

SOLO-TWO Sliding Door Lock

Product SKU: SOLO-TWO-10

Sliding Door Electric lock

With the Two sliding door lock, you lock two doors with one lock. The lock gets fixed inside and aside of glass doors, the lock is invisible from the outside. The lock automatically locks after 3 seconds. As soon as you close the door, the doors are locked.

The keypad is fastened directly to the lock underneath. The 7cm long cable enables easy installation. The built-in lithium battery guarantees a maximum life-span of 10 years. It can be expected to last 5 years with everyday use. The battery is checked during the opening process and when the battery is running low the lock will remain open, an alarm will go off and the lock cannot be used again.

Useful for both glass and wooden sliding doors.


  • - RFID electronic lock
  • - Ranges up to 30mm
  • - Access control feature with a programming card
  • - Battery driven
  • - Easy to install
  • - Robust and tolerant


Whats in the box:

  • - The keypad
  • - The locking device
  • - Lock assembly with ejector / pusher mechanisms
  • - Battery with a maximum life-span of 10 years



Measurements: 58 x 58 x 4 mm

The distance between the screw holes: 48 mm

Maximum counter pressure: 2.5 kg

Temperature range: 2-40 °

Breaking point: 35 kg (locking part)