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SpinTag Display Hook for Slatwall

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Length: 200mm
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The SpinTag system is composed of 2 items: A specialized peg hook on which the products equipped with the SpinTag are highlighted. A button, which can be integrated into the tag and contains the patented SpinTag technology, makes it possible to secure the products that are displayed.

The SpinTag is designed for a 5 seconds timer. To meet any specific request, another product collection time can be set up. Make your video surveillance profitable: The timer set for the collection of products is a powerful deterrent, and facilitates surveillance through control cameras, on your sensitive shelves, and more!

For thieves, taking out products displayed on a peg hook and putting them in their bag in a few seconds can be easy. SpinTag offers you the possibility of delaying the collection of the products in stores and of neutralizing shoplifting on impulse thefts and hard thefts recycled on parallel markets.

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Specialized peg hook for Slatwall on which the products equipped with the SpinTag are highlighted.
Regular price $11.44
Regular price Sale price $11.44

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