Stainless Steel Outdoor Half Dome Mirror

Stainless Steel Outdoor Half Dome Mirror

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Wall mounted 180° Security Mirror

Outdoor two-way half dome mirrors are one of the most effective ways to improve two-way visibility especially for driveways and T-Intersections when a driver needs to see both left and right before proceeding. The vinyl back and lid is sealed to enclose the dome cavity and protects the mirror from weather. Ideal for driveways with a limited view, busy forklift loading areas, factories, warehouses and industrial buildings. Complete with adjustable outdoor J-Bracket, this innovation in driveway safety can significantly help avoid collisions.

(Due to the deep curve of this mirror, distance and speed is harder to estimate, therefore we do not recommend this model for moderate or fast moving road traffic).


  • 3mm acrylic face
  • Pure reflective coating
  • Available is sizes 600mm and 900mm dia.
  • 180° Viewing Area
  • Vinyl Celuka Back and Lid
  • Complete With Mounting Screws

Suitable Uses

  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Childcare Centres
  • Office Buildings
  • Factories and Warehouses


Viewing Distance

Up to 9m
(Viewing Distance = from Viewer - to Mirror - to Area being viewed)


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