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Forstag Superlock Padlock/Ink Tag

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Frequency: 8.2 MHz
Colour: Black/White
Quantity: 500 p/Carton

The Forstag Padlock Tag is an innovative retail anti-theft product with an "all-in-one" design. Quick and simple to use, this design is ideal for specific products such as bags, sports equipment or any items with straps.

• The metal arch is an ideal solution in protecting leather goods, sports equipment and fashion accessories.

•  High-quality toughened, stainless steel assembly resists cutting. Yes, even side cutters!

• Quick release mechanism when placed on the detacher

• When the Forstag is released, its pin retracts all the way back

• To lock the Forstag, you have to push the button down

Regular price $2.23
Regular price Sale price $2.23

Our Promise To You

  • High Quality

    What's inside the tag matters! High quality ferrites and strong exterior casing features on all of our security tags.

  • Compatibility

    Complete assurance that the security tags will match the frequency of your existing gates. Talk to us for more information.